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    Hi Maryvel, How are you? Could you help me with this problem?

    I am trying to create a water-based hair ointment, but not like the classic, if not an emulsion type like this:

    In this forum I found that someone else was trying to do and wrote this formulation:

     Water          43,86%       

    Emulsyfing wax nf         20,18%        
    Beeswax      11,04%         
    Shea butter            2,00%          
    PEG40 HCO    13,6%         
    Jojoba oil     6,14%                        
    Essential oil  0,88%
    Preservative    0,4%         
    pvp k30        1,0%  

    I try to replicate, but replace the emulsifying wax because it is very difficult to get where I live( am colombian). I have replaced it with polysorbate 80 (Hlb value is similar).The emulsion takes a cream coloration and a consistency to butter but it happens that the emulsion undergoes a cremation and I do not know how to solve it very well

    i think about maintaining the mechanical agitation by adding the aqueous and oily phase for a longer time but I do not see the result. Is it possible to solve it by increasing the percentage of surfactant? Or maybe, if I add other emulsifier could work?

    Thanks so much!

    July 27

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