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  • sarwaaldoori

    Hi Mark

    this is sarwa , i have a follower of you and enjoy your expertise and advice

    i live in usa, and appreciate if you can recommend a ocmany for cosmetic packaging and labelling , i make skin care products and i am thinking of taking it to the next level

    look foreward to your reply



    November 2016
  • ddramjohn
    Hi Mark,

    My name is David Ramjohn.  I have reached out to you via LinkedIn.  My profile is at: ; I would like to discuss some potential opportunities for doing business together.

    You can reach me at as well.

    Appreciate your consideration.

    June 2016
  • lipstickgirl
    Hi Mark...I have been trying to contact you
    May 2016
  • curious100
    I read your post about using Konjac Root Powder as a gelling agent instead of carbomer. How do you use this ingredient? I have tried using it at 1% and 0.80%, and they both caused roll/rub off when applied to the skin. I heard that I should use less to prevent this roll/rub off. Should I use less and add another thickening/gelling agent?
    March 2016
  • Microformulation
    I sent you an email. Please feel free to respond.
    January 2016
  • probioticqueen
    Hi Mark
    YEs I know Ganeden Bonicell very well.
    Is that the probiotic you would use if you were to custom formulate a product line for me?
    Can we talk tomorrow?
    January 2016

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