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  • Normasegovia55
    Thank u so much sweet..MIL..I will do and look for different oils..as I don't like chemicals or at least the skincare that I have used in the past.some are very sticky..some I don't like the way my face feels but I need an anti aging skincare as in 56..sometimes I just don't apply anything and my skin looks great...but I have notice more wrinkles on my neck and declatay  area..and in blaming the serums that I formulate maybe EO  and carrier oils are not helping in this area..any more suggestions..I have not yet formulated a cream..maybe in gonna need toformulate something with chemicals and EO together..any more suggestions ..and thank u again..
    August 31
    • MJL
      Hey Norma,

      You don’t necessarily have to change the carrier oils that you are using right now. Again, check their fatty acid profile on Google. If they are high in linoleic acid, it is unlikely to clog your pores and you could keep using them. It is only if they are high in oleic acid, that you might need to look for alternatives.

      I want to reiterate that if you’re going to stop using anything, it should be the Essential Oils. Like I said in my previous post, they are (more often than not) irritating to the skin. And some Essential Oils can cause skin to become more sensitive to the sun, which can increase risk of sun damage to skin - which is a major contributor to aging. So no, you should not make a cream with “chemicals and EO.” Make a cream with your carrier oils and leave out the EO!

      While we are on the topic of sun damage... the #1 cause of early skin aging is actually sun exposure (UV rays). So if you want to slow down aging, make sure you’re either always wearing sunscreen on your face and décolleté, or covering up your skin from the sun with clothing and/or hats. You can’t stop wrinkles from forming but you can slow the process by protecting yourself from the sun.

      Finally, just so you know, the ingredients I mentioned in my last comment to you such as “Hyaluronic Acid”, “Panthenol” (Vitamin B5), and “Glycerin” are all natural ingredients. So you don’t necessarily need to work with synthetic chemicals to make a product.

      You could make a simple water-based gel using Water (95%) and Hyaluronic Acid (1%) and a natural preservative such as Leucidal SF Complete (4%; preservative is absolutely required). The gel would help attract water to skin for more hydration. If you put the gel on your damp skin first and then layer your choice of carrier oil on top, this could help add more moisture.

      Anything more advanced than the above the gel recipe becomes a LOT more difficult to formulate.
    • MJL
      Also Norma,

      Know that everything in nature is a chemical. Any substance consisting of Matter (whether it is solid, liquid, or gas) is a chemical.

      The word chemical doesn’t automatically equal “synthetic.” Your carrier oils are natural chemicals.

      I’m guess what YOU don’t want to use is ** synthetically made and/or petroleum based chemicals. **

      So when you’re on the boards here, instead of saying “I don’t want to use chemicals”, it’s better to say “I don’t want to use synthetic and/or petroleum based chemicals.”

      It will help others here to help you better!

    • Normasegovia55
      That's exactly what I mean..thank u soooo much for correcting me on that..I will make waterbase gel..like I said my neck n chest area is looking bad..n I know that in 56..but ive seen other females older than me n their neck or chest don't look as bad as mine..anyways thank u so much for helping me out on this..but where can I buy the ingredients...?...thanks again MJL
    • MJL
      You are welcome, Norma!

      I like to buy my ingredients from Lotioncrafter.com.

      There is also MakingCosmetics.com.

      Two pretty reliable websites with a large selection of quality ingredients and materials.