Hi, i'am process & chemical engineer expert in devolopment of cosmetic formulas where i work for three things : quality , cost and health.


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  • AFRIDI85
    hello sir.
    can you provide me manual Dishwash liquid formulation.
    November 13
  • perspicacious
    Hi, Fekher.  I am Sam Redman, from Dallas, Texas (phone 214-769-9028).  I have been impressed with your postings. You are quite skilled in cosmetics chemistry and I am hopeful you will be able to provide consultation services for me.  I have worked for years in cosmetic product development and manufacture.  Over the years I have produced several good products.  But, now I am faced with a problem I have been unable to solve.

    I have worked recently to develop a formulation for a makeup remover and have one which works well and leaves skin feeling natural. It tests well and users say it is very good. It is a viscous pumpable compound (like a hand lotion). It utilizes a combination of very safe and skin-compatible esters to do the cleaning process.  Plus, it has formulation additives that will impart (or enhance) shear thinning so that it goes to work removing makeup the moment the user spreads it out on the skin.  It meets the EPA requirements and all safety regulations, so the formula is great... except for one thing.  Several times in the lab making 200 gram trial runs I have made product that functions well and remains stable even under severe conditions with no signs of problems even six months and more later.  But, other times while having made no changes in formula or mixing procedure, it will separate, sometimes right away and other times after a week or so.   That describes my problem.

    It could be that I have either formulation problems, inadequate mixing equipment or an inappropriate procedure.  Having a formula that is totally stable in some of the lab runs and not in others, but with no change in recipe or in mixing equipment or procedure indicates that I need help. Hopefully, you would be willing to take on this project. 

    My question to you is, "Do you do consultation work?" If so, could give me a fee that you would charge? If you would work with me on the problem, along with the formula (of course), I would get lab amounts of all ingredients to you so you wouldn't have to order anything. I would love to have to assist me in making this product stable.


    Sam Redman
    October 13