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  • fletland
    Hi BELASSI,  I hope you are wonderful,  and i ask you about glyoxylic acid, where did you bought,   in Mexico, i looking for it in Guadalajara and mexico city, and i cant find,  almos 4 months ago,  i started to make a testet for a keratin relaxer ,  the active material was  carbosysteine,  and was wonderful,  almost 5 months the streintenight was able,  but in May tha company in Mexico was unable to continue selling it.   so  really i dont know what to do ,   my formula with carbosysteina,  was water , novemer, cetaeryl alcohol, ceteareth 20, karite oil, kerafilm (ketarin complex), and luna matrix de ashland.  this product was really good.  but no any more.   my name is Carlos , this is my phone number and whats 331 6685370 , i hope talk to you and share experiences. 
    June 7
  • apamaalcala
    Thanks a lot for your response to my post.

    Can you clarify for me - how does sodium benzoate (along with a shampoo ph of 5) function as a preservative on its own? It will act to prevent yeast/fungi from growing and anything with a ph under 5 will not allow bacterial growth?

    It's true...Production costs with the glucosides will triple or quadruple from what I can tell. It also doesn't necessarily make a lot of sense here because the market is saturated with shampoos with the same sulfate based detergents. I don't know how much of a demand there is for sulfate free shampoos here.
    April 10
  • cremedevanille
    Hi Belassi, 

    Thank you so much for your response to my question about Chelators. It is very, very much appreciated. 
    May I ask, in more naturally formulated products such as this one, which are made fresh and stored in a fridge by myself and used up within 6 months, do I have anything to fear? There is a preservation system but no chelator.

    I very much appreciate your advice. Thank you once again! 
    February 20
  • sarwaaldoori
    hello belessi 
    hope you have a good day so far 
    i am thinking seriously of starting my line of problem skin products ,can you advice interms of equipement 
    where to get labels from 
    every info that your time allows
    always grateful for kind remark 
    sarwa aldoori MD
    May 2016
    • Belassi
      I'm in Mexico, I think you need someone more local. I get my labels from a print company here in Mexico.
    • Maryvel
      I am happy you are in Mexico Belassi, what city? Best regards Mary
  • Dilfre
    Hi Belassi
    when you use lye NaOH calculation for saponification at high temperature, one has to  add some water to avoid that soap becomes a rock , but no one of this calculators has water alone as ingredient. What can I Do? reduce lye concentration?
    October 2016
    • Belassi
      Not sure, sorry
    • Maryvel
      High temperature is a very careful way to make saponification soaps. When your soap becomes a rock you cant make nothing in this point. You need control the temperature since the starting. The gelification process cant take place before adding to the molds. If you reduce your lye concentration, maybe the saponification will be incomplete. I am soapmaker in Mexico.
  • Bobanna
    Hi Belassi

    I read one of the posts which speaks of potassium sorbate. I have a problem with this raw material in my formula. I wonder if you could help me.

    In my formula I'm use pure Potassium Sorbate in concentration 0,2% and Sodium Benzoate in concentration 0,4% as a preservative. After some time my shower gel becomes yellow. I know that the reason for this problem is Potassium Sorbate. Have you ever have problem like this? Did you found a solution?

    October 2016
    • Belassi
      Not for normal shelf life of say 4 months. After 6 months yes.
  • wannabechemist
    Hi there,

    I came across this post and it made me wonder...what is your opinion is on the importance of the pH in hair products? Specifically shampoos and styling products. I see it on the bottles of hair styling products and I am not sure if this is more marketing hype or if using a lower pH on the daily really does help the hair.

    Thanks in advance!


    September 17
    Just marketing hype. No effect at all. Hair is a dead substance. The only things that affect it are those that increase its moisture content and those that are film-formers. (Apart from straightening and/or colouring systems of course)
    October 2016
  • Sksxlc
    thanks for the Glucamate LT suggestion  it is the hidden ingredient i was looking for 
    July 2016
  • Ellatorias
    Hello, thanks so much for your contribution to my question on soap formulation with Hydroquinone which discolours the soap a great deal. I've used 1% Sodium Sulphite & 1% Sodium Metabisulphite to combat this, but it still discolours. I don't know what i'm doing wrong. Please help. Thank you. Regards, Ellatorias
    May 2016
    • Belassi
      Beyond my experience area I'm afraid.
  • sarwaaldoori
    thanks very much
    May 2016
    • Belassi
      I just ordered some from Diginate in the UK. Some fancy gold on black circular labels for our pot tops. Was $84 for 200.
  • eggcoddler
    Thank you for your comments Belassi.
    February 2016
  • Vin
    Hi Belassi,

    May I know you use which grade of Kuraray PVA for peel-off mask?
    December 2015
    • Belassi
      Sorry i missed this. I used PVA 205 and it worked OK. I also have some PVA 225 but I didn't get as far as trying that because the logistics of making and packaging it put me off.
  • kasisa

    > Hi
    > I am Clarisse, I am about to start my makeup line and I will need a chemist who can develop a product formula for my idea and possibly production . I to start with liquid foundation and pressed powder. I will like to know if you will be interested in working with me, if yes will like to know if you charge per prototype or per project and how much it's going to cost me
    > Kind Regards
    > Clarisse
    September 2015
  • Zink
    Hi, saw you were developing a somewhat botanical anti acne treatment, I've been experimenting with anti inflammatory topicals for use on inflammatory acne/cysts, without too much luck: It's hard to reduce irritation without irritating sensitive inflamed skin. P.S. DMSO works wonders for skin penetration ;) Got any suggestions?
    December 2014
    • Belassi
      I missed this. How did you get on?
      We have had some success with thyme extract (hydrosol) and tepezcohuite extract (hydrosol) and aloe vera, but the main active is Sebaryl, which is a combination of extracts supposed to reduce sebum production. We do have repeat customers.

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