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  • sparc
    Hye. Good day.

    I'm june from Malaysia. Currently i'm doing R&D for my hair care project. Frankly speaking, i didnt have any basic in chemistry and very limited education about it. 

    I have failed with the R&D, yet losing money buying the all the stuff too. 

    So i am looking for a formula that can help me to produce my own hair care product. 

    For your info, i am interested with hair pomade. Gel type waterbased (orthodox) and also unorthodox waterbased. 

    If u can provide me such formula i would like to know the price and the details of it. 

    Please let me know as soon as u ready. Hope u can help me. 

    September 2016
  • Esthyvelvet1
    Dear Jane , thank you for the opportunity!
    So, the courses.
    I didn't want to write this publicly,  do not be unpleasant to anyone. So, I found a course in Australia ( I live in Hungary,therefore I search online education) this course is:  Institute of personal care science.
     They said If I have complete course I get an Internationally Recognised Diploma. I'm looking for an education that gives professional qualifications.
    But when I asked the NACE code, they said that it is not. therefore I believe that it is a legal training (registered, but just the training registered, not the diploma) but doesn't give professionally recognized diploma   
    what do you think? 
    If  so, it doesn't give a qualification, I'm going to choose your course.

    Thank you so much your very kind reply!

    Best regards,

    September 2016
  • gabo
    Hey Making Skincare I saw the cached copies you sent on "starting your own cosmetic line", but unfortnately they cant be access, it appears as if they were not found. Do you happen to know if there are other links? Thanks
    December 2013
    • Perry
      We've restored the start your own cosmetic line website.
  • Rahma
    It is Afro hair care market.
    December 2013

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