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  • charmer
    November 2016
  • johnb
    Stick deodorant slip issues.
    Bob, I am bit concerned that this guy has a fundamental misconception about this type of A/P and what it cannot contain. This first error is replacing volatile silicone with water. The second is using an aqueous solution of ACH instead of powder. There are numerous other faults such that I think the lack of slip is very minor.

    He states he is getting a stick formed - if he is, I think any and all of the big boys in this field would be very interested.

    I am old enough to have been involved in the development of these silicone sticks (at Unilever) and I am certain he is on the road to nowhere.

    Best wishes

    September 2016
    • Microformulation
      Get used to this type of idiocy. The technicl level of this board has plummeted over the last 36 months. Half the postings are now "I am not a chemist... and I want to make.....
    • Perry
      Perhaps there have been more non-technical questions lately but the responses from people who know what they are talking about has improved. I would love it if there were more "chemists" who asked more technical, thoughtful questions but there just aren't a lot of them who would do that. Mostly, I think companies frown on letting people who work for them ask questions. I've had a few people request that I remove them & their content from the forum because their boss threatened them.

      Thanks for sticking around and participating.
  • GustavoCasta├▒eda
    Hello bob, I'm Gustavo from  Colombia Im chemical engineering, I have a factory for extrac coconut oil, In this moment begin to make cosmetic, we make soaps and lipstick from coconut oil, in this moment I want to make a spray hair conditioner, the ingredients are silicones, water and coconut oil, do you have formulates for begining to create, thanks
    September 2016
  • johnb
    Thanks for the welcome.

    I'm trying not to be one of those over-enthusiastic newbies on the board who seem to want to comment on each and every thread, no matter how old!

    I've been guilty to some extent already so I think I'll have a rest for a few minutes.

    Best wishes

    September 2016
  • Valbraska
    Hi bobz
    Any idea on hair bonding glue formular ?
    August 2016
  • Khan
    Dear Bobz Chemist,

    I am looking to launch my own makeup brand and the key USP will be "Hahal". This is basically makeup with out animal derivatives and no alcohol. Do you have any experience with this and is it a straight forward formulation? Any idea's on cost for formulation please?

    Is there any possibility you know of any decent formulators in UK please? And if you know of any manufacturer's who run small batches for startups?

    Thank you so much for you help.

    August 2016
  • Skosar00
    Hi Bob,
    ive posted some info about my formulation..

    Can you help? 

    Thanks in advance
    June 2016
  • sarwaaldoori

    dear BobZ chemist

    I ve been trying to get answers regarding the use of mixer agitator ,with making cream would vitamix be  a good alternative for a small scale progject

    May 2016
  • lincoln442
    Hey Bob, 

    Are you available for hire to do some freelance consulting?  My email is if you are!

    May 2016
  • diemvn
    Hi Bob,
    I am looking for how to make jelly lipstick, In Liptick I used emulsifier : Bee Wax, and Span 60...but it does not make lipstick colourless like jelly...Can you help me, please. Thank you so much
    January 2016
  • solucky
    Hello Bob,

    I am currently looking to create my own version of a skin care product that is currently selling for an expensive price in some high end stores. I know the retail cost for said product is about thirty times the cost to produce it. I am looking for a manufacturer either here in North America or overseas to produce said product with a little difference as to not infringe on their patent rights. The ingredients of said product is right there on the bottle and any good chemist/manufacturer should be able to get the formulation very easily in my opinion.

    Would you be so kind as to recommend any good chemist/manufacturer? Based on what I've seen on the forum you seem to be right on the ball in terms of pointing members into the right direction so hopefully you can do the same for me. You can email me at

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    December 2015
  • clairec
    Hi Bob,

    I got your info from another user. I'm a writer at The Guardian and I'm putting together a piece about Korean brands using fermented ingredients in their cosmetics and how European and US brands are following suit. I want to know about the efficacy of this, or if it's just a gimmick. If you might be able to talk to me as an expert, I'd be appreciative.

    Thanks so much!
    Claire Carusillo
    August 2015
  • imad76
    Hi   Bob  ,  what   do  you mean  about  water-resistant/waterproof film? is  there  something  specific ?  and  about  the dispersed pigments , which  white  pigment  do  you  advise  ?  thank  you .
    July 2015
  • Clark
    Hey Bob, 

    You seem to be very active on this forum. I love reading your advice, would you mind looking over my question? Again, I would appreciate your input. Thanks!
    June 2015
  • vungo
    Hello Bobzchemist, As i read around this forum, i notice that you live in Georgia?
    October 2014
  • Twickenham
    hey , my cream developer is unstable and sometimes bottle swells until burst. using an opaque bottle. the peroxide is 35% and using the formulation RAW MATERIALS % per BATCH BATCH\ AMT. in Gms Water 59.92 59.92 Hydrogen Peroxide 34.30 34.30 Emulsifying Wax 2.50 2.50 Hydrogenated Castor Oil 1.00 1.00 Propylene Glycol 1.50 1.50 Cetyl Alcohol 0.50 0.50 Methyl Paraben 0.10 0.10 100.00 EDTA 0.10 0.10 100.00 Di sodium Phosphate 0.08 0.08 80.00 Phospheric acid q.s for pH 2.0 - 3.0 could please help
    August 2014
  • lakatos
    Hallo everybody I am sourcing for a formula to make bar-soap that would cost 15-20 cents per 90-100 g to make. Contact: Ben
    January 2014

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