Emollients and skin conditioners in powder form

Hello friends,

I am on a quest to find emollient and conditioning ingredients in powder form.
I work with bar soap formulas and I have to keep liquids below 4% to avoid production pitfalls. 

However, when my customer wants a 3% frag content and a highly hydrating formula, I have to make sure the 1% left I have to play with is powerful enough to deliver a highly softening feel. 

Besides aloe vera powder, what other options do I have in powder form... any insight is appreciated 


  • BTMS 25 and 50, Glyceryl stearate citrate, mono glyceride 40, cross polymer, there are loads
    Dr. Catherine Pratt
    (B.Sc with HONS I , Ph.D Analytical/Organic Chem and Microbiology), Cosmetic Chemistry IPCS)
  • Thank you Dr. Catherine Pratt :)
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