How much green to use in a fair beige blemish concealer?

Trying to get some bearing on how much green pigment to use to reduce orange hue and cover red blemishes better. Been told to start at 0.1% green oxide and go up, but most likely how far?

There's perhaps 8% iron oxides in the formula as is.


  • I am afraid no one will be able to tell you. It’s a matter of color matching and the best thing you can do is to find a commercial product that you like and use it as a benchmark. By the way I don’t see green in concealers too often. Blue #1 is more common.
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    Colormatching is pretty much a trial an error thing. But it depends on what kind of pigment you're using. as it is a concealer you could go very green and fix it with foundation afterwards.
    Colored pigment - you need a small amount.
    Interference pigments you usually need a higher amount of (but in my opinion give a more natural hue).
    Just don't forget the titanium dioxide to give a base white which also allows you to use much less iron oxide while increasing the payoff.

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