Home Made Lipstick issue

hi all i am making my home made lip Palette. it always make perfect but after some days it becomes sticky and fragrance goes out and it smells bit weird.. i am using handmade packaging to fix my lip pans. but it is not air tight. air can go inside the palette easily. my question is. is it because of packaging my lipshades goes bad in smell? 


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    @saraahsan without a formula written down no one here will be able to tell you better than "maybe".
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  • my Lipstick base is the combination of 
    bees wax
    carnuba wax
    candelila wax
    almond oil
    castor oil
    coconut oil
    avocado oil
    grapeseed oil
    i add two drops of preservative taken frok TKB cap-5 

    this is my base

    then i add iron oxide color along with titanium dioxide, kaoline clay to make it bit matte. and i add vitamin e oil and oil based fragrance 2 drops.  i heat them make liquid and add in my steel pans. after hardening i add those pans in my magnetic palette handmade. that is not air tight. thay goes d  all well but after some days shade gets sticky and hard and them smell like old oil. i i dont know it is because of my packaging that ait easily goes inside. 

  • its handmade packaging. 
  • one thing more i want to add.thos issue is with those shades which i am adding iron oxide colors. rest all shades are well. just those shades who are having iron oxide colors they smells weird and also get sticky and hard
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    If it's only the iron oxide ones, then you're making varnish out of your oils.
    You have two options: Take a different iron oxide quality or a different oil base (less unsaturated fatty acids). Grapeseed oil is the most likely oil which polymerises/goes rancid. Remove/replace that and try again.
  • @Pharma thank you so much for your guideline. yes i am facing this issue with iron oxides only. rest colors are fine. 
  • @Pharma can i use those iron oxide for eye shadow making ? or i should waste those iron oxides i have red brown and yellow. cant i use them for foundation mineral powder?
  • The success of color cosmetics is 90% quality of your pigments. You can try to use those oxides in mineral powder but if those are poor quality, you will get poor quality powder.
  • @ngarayeva001 thank you so much for guidelines. i will follow it. will buy high quality pigments
  • @ngarayeva001 sorry to bother you again.. what is recommended,a flavour or fragrnace in lipstick. i am.usimg oil based fragrance
  • @Pharma when i put those shade in fridge after making they never spoil or smell. but at room temperature after some days they get stinky and sticky hard as well. this issue is just with iron oxide shades. i have ordered high quality iron oxides and will experiment again
  • There are special flavors for lip products. Don't use just any fragrance, it might be not intended for use on lips.
  • @ngarayeva001 i i am using oil based lip safe fragrance which is used to be added in lipsticks to smell good. 
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    @saraahsan The way you describe it, it's clearly an issue with iron induced fat oxidation = super fast rancidity/oil gumming like it happens with linseed oil varnish and oil paintings.
    Ditch grapeseed oil and your problem might be solved. If not, switch to fully saturated triglycerides and ester oils.
  • @Pharma thank you so much for ur help i will try again and update here. 
  • @Pharma i tried making lipstick again. can it be the reason that i overheat my Lipstick base every time with colors. that cause rancid lipstick withing month or less.
  • now i am changing my oils to castor oil and jojoba oil only. rest waxes vitamin e and preservative added in the base
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