Phenoxyethanol turned green

Hello, does anybody know if this is normal, or if it has happened to you before? I have put phenoxyethanol in the fridge and it turned green and looked like separated, half transparent and half oily green....Is it dangerous to use it?


  • Have you tried taking it out of the fridge and letting it warm back up to room temperature?

    Personally, I have never seen something like this happen before. It may be wise to throw it out if you cant figure out what happened to it.
  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    Where did you get it from? That doesn't sound like you have phenoxyethanol.  No, I would not use it. It may or may not be dangerous but it is unlikely that it still works.
  • SchehrSchehr Member
    Phenoxyethanol should be translucent with a light floral/rose scent. It has a freezing point of 14 degrees C. I have never seen it separate, or become green, and quite often find it frozen when shipped during winter months. It should have been frozen solid in your fridge. I would throw it out.
  • antmagnantmagn Member
    I left it out of the fridge and it turned transparent. It has slight yellowy-green tint but it can be seen only on white.
    This is where I bought it:
    There is also a certificate at the attachments tab.
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