what hair product will be better to sell and made?

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Hello friends actually by working i made many types of hair products wich can be good , so i want to know what product will you prefer if you have to choose one product from this three choices:
1)Cream based on oil and beewax.
2) Oil pomade based on beewax , petrolatum and oil.
3) Creme-gel based on castor oil , pvp ,neutralized carbomer .
Your choice is very important for me and thanks in advance.


  • It's hard to say since we don't know where your target market is.
    Not to mention that we dont know the price of any of your products, your competition, etc.

    If I were you, I would try to look for studies in your region which could give you some information such as which product people buy the most in your region, etc.

    Developing a brand identity is also very important. Once you have a brand identity, one of these products may stand out as being a better fit to your brand.

    Frankly, I would hire a marketing expert who can help you develop a brand or at least get basic marketing information for your region.
  • It's quite important to understand who is your customer and how they prefer to style their hair. For example a female with thin european hair that lack volume won't like a product for ethnic hair very much, because it will be too conditioning for her. Conditioning perceived as something universally good, but concentration of conditioner for different hair types can't be the same.
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    thanks @ngarayeva001 logic what you said @natzam44 actually good idea to know what peoples buy however when it is new product it is hard to have information about it what i did that gave my products to many barber shop and they said that the products are good i even see the reaction of people they just like it so the problem i can not make all in same time for cost reason that's why i must make a choice.
  • I agreed to @natzam44 ‘s statement. You have to do market research first to know what product you should make. I think the 3 of them(your products) have their own positive effects, depends on what type of styling do the customer wants. But i think you should try producing and sell all of them and see what the market wants so you will get the data to assume which one you should produce and sell more..

    not a pro just my thought on the business perspective wants to share :)
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    good share @Aldyppratama
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