Natural, light stable "peaky" creamy emulsifier

Hi, can anyone recommend a reasonably "natural" emulsifier/emulsifying system which makes a light "peaky" fluffy, and stable cream formulation? I realize that the ingredients that go in the formulation will also determine the results. I have worked a lot with Olivem 1000 but I find this a little "heavy" or dense.


  • It is O/W emulsion at 18% oils
  • I haven't tried this myself yet but I've read that vegetal/montanov68 (trade names) can create both thick and thin emulsions. The INCI is cetearyl alcohol and cetearyl glucoside.

  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    To get a useful answer you should provide more information including...

    1.  What oils are in your formula?  It matters for recommending an emulsifier. 

    2.  What do you consider "reasonably natural"?  There is no such thing as a suitable emulsifier that is made out in nature. But there are things that are derived from plants. 
  • Hi Perry and thanks,

    I have used olivem1000 and BTMS, as well as polawax in the past. I am using a variety of oils and butters such as avocado, argan, olive, coconut, coconut etc.
    If plant based, it would be good, but if not it would still be ok I think.

    What would be a really good emulsifying system, producing this light peaky cream?

  • A mixture of Aristoflex AVC and Sepimax Zen. It will be very light and very peaky. Not "natural".
  • thanks, I will look into this!
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