Do big-name formulators dissolve parabens in water, since they don't list any propylene glycol?

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So it seems because they don't (usually) list any propylene glycol in the LOI.

Just curious on what the more knowledgeable and experienced buys can say about it.
Are parabens the first thing to be dissolved in water?
Do they heat water to speed up dissolution?


  • BelassiBelassi Member, PCF student
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    Depends on what parabens it is. Dissolving multiple substances in water can present solubility problems, I usually mix in different parts of the water amount. For instance I won't try to mix sodium benzoate and citric acid in the same water, but split the water and then combine after they go into solution.
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    Agree with Belassi, methyl paraben for example is water soluble, so doesn't need it. Maybe some of the other parabens are only sparingly soluble in water and maybe because only minute concentrations are used of say butyl paraben, isobutyl etc, no PG is needed?
    Or perhaps they disperse it in another polyol? 

    edit: I've spoken too soon, I'm not one of the knowledgeable/experienced here, sorry!  :#
    I'm curious what they have to say too, as I had a solubilisation issue with Germaben II recently.
  • DuncanDuncan Member, Professional Chemist
    If you're doing hot mixes Methyl and Propyl parabens go in no bother. Can also use a side pan with hot water to pre-dissolve then tip into a cold mix - or if you can't use propylene glycol, Glycerin makes a good substitute
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