Consulting R&D Chemist, MSc

Dear Surfactant / Cosmetic Emulsion Professional,

As a consulting chemist, I believe that I can offer your company good value in the form of a six-month exploratory R&D contract for only US$500 per month.

I have a master's degree in emulsion and surfactant chemistry (BSc with chemistry distinction and organic I & II class medals).   Additionally, my experience includes 19 years in those technologies, in various industries (including skin creams).

Here below are my monthly deliverables for the possible contract:

1. Daily (22 working days per month) email containing one relevant fact, one idea resulting from that fact and one subsequent practical recommendation;

2. Daily or ad-hoc answering of your email questions;

3. Monthly Skype conference call lasting one hour in duration;

4. Monthly written report detailing the experimental aims, methods, results, discussions, conclusions and recommendations.   The monthly report will be preambled by a one-page executive summary for Senior Management's perusal.

5. When the contract expires, I will send a final, consolidated and lengthier report highlighting the overall findings of the work and recommending the future direction (if any) that each project should take.

Please consider making contact with me if you wish to develop or improve your products.

Thank you for your attention.

Kind Regards,
Keith Wilson, MSc (chemistry)


  • Hey Keith,

    Can you DM me your information?


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