Hi Team,
First of all, I would like say THANK YOU for allowing me to join in this AWESOME forum. This will be a BIG help for me, talking and/or sharing your insights and idea. I've watched a lot of demo in making dish washing liquid in Youtube. However, it seems that they're giving the right amount (  grm and ml ) that need to mix in Mineral Water. With this, I would like to ask your assistance to help me in giving the right amount of ingredients that I need to mix in 11 Liters of Mineral Water ( see below raw ingredients ). The purpose of this is to provide a some sort of livelihood program for our people.

EDTA ( as Water softener )
Scent ( Lemon, Apple etc )
Colouring ( 6grms -  RIGHT? )

Appreciate your favorable reponse



  • DuncanDuncan Member, Professional Chemist
    Colouring ( 6grms -  RIGHT? )
    Of a 1% solution maybe. If using powders prehaps not so much. For small batches use a solution 1% or less then add to the desired colour. 
    Doesn't matter too much what the exact dilution is as long as you are consistent 
    UK based, Over 20 years in Toiletries, After a 5 year sabbatical doing cleaning products, back in the land of Personal Care
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