Honey and Oil don't mix...

I am seeking input on mixing honey with coconut oil. The obvious challenge is that they do not mix. This is for a food base recipe. I have searched the Internet but not found any solutions. I have located advice to use an emulsifier like sunflower lecithin. When I tried that the honey still quickly separated. I found a forum last night suggesting the use of molasses but I've yet to try it. I also don't want to add much heat or alter the honey composition. This particular honey has medicinal properties. It is also much thicker than basic pasteurized honey. Open to suggestions on keeping the honey suspended. Much gratitude in advance.


  • Well, if honey is heated above 40 C it will lose the medical properties. 
    You should look the sunflower lecithin HLB value and coconut oil required HLB 
  • Why on earth coconut oil? It is artery-clogging. Do you want to give your customers heart disease?
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  • Hi Honeyguy,

    You could experiment with a 'low HLB' sucrose ester as I presume the honey in your recipe is part of the internal phase.
    Alternatively you could try Polyglyceryl-3 Polyricinoleate. Both are approved food emulsifiers and facilitate W/O formulations.

    Not too sure how they would perform with honey and its low water content. Also, the stability will be influenced by the glucose/fructose ratio of your chosen honey and how readily it crystallizes at room temp.

    Interesting project, let me know how you get on!
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