Review my leave in hair spray formula


this is my formula for a leave in hair spray for dry curly hair. I hav used it and liked it, but i wonder if anyone can suggest if I need to bring down the % of ingredients for the silicones. I think I may be using too much considering I also use silicones in my deep conditioner. Any suggestions? I was thinking amodimethicone could be effective at a rate of .5% instead and I could also reduce or eleminate CETAC-30 since it will already be some in the amodimethicone. any thoughts? 

Btms-50 2%
glycerin 4%
Fractionated coconut oil 2%
amodimethicone 1%
cyclomethicone 2%
dimethicone 2%
CETAC-30  2%
liquid germall plus .5%
fragrance .5%
water q.s


  • I was also thinking I could just drop the cyclomethicone and dimethicone and keep amodimethicone at the same usage. 
  • cyclomethicone? If that's D4 or D5, you should review the latest restrictions on use.
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  • its d5. I didn't know there were any major restrictions on its use. I'll check it out
  • You can substitute water with flaxseed gel if its for personal use to get some hold. I'm protein sensitive but you can try them if you do not have problems.
  • chemicalmattchemicalmatt Member, Professional Chemist
    Drop the cyclomethicone and cut or drop the CETAC, since you allude to the fact you are using an analog to DC-949 amodimethicone emulsion (w/CETAC, Trideceth-7) you can just increase that emulsion for better effect.  What MW of dimethicone is there?  200CST works best in that format. Otherwise, not bad!
  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
  • @Perry I saw that about CETAC. mine is at a concentration of 30% active ingredients. Does that mean I can only use .25%  of CETAC 30% active? Or does that mean I can have a total of .25% active CETAC in my leave in as a whole?
  • @chemicalmatt I'm using dimethicone 350 since thats all that I had. I think you have a good point about just using more amodimethicone. you think increasing to 2%  would be enough? 

    I had a feeling to drop the cyclomethicone as well. seemed a bit unneccessary when I review the formula. good point about the CETAC. thanks!
  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    The limitation is in terms of % active ingredient.  So if the limit is 0.25% in your formula and you have a 30% solution, the max you could use of your solution is about 0.8%
  • @Perry THANKS! makes so much sense to me now
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