how can I save the batch

I made a shampoo based on the oil of Juniperus oxycedrus everything goes well during the laboratory phase I solubilized this oil in a nonionic surfactant the percentage of 0.3% but in the production phase I had  instead of clear brown color a cloudy shampoo with phase separation I would like to know if there is anything to do to save the batch I think my surfactant does not solubilise the oil properly 


  • How can we possibly help if you supply almost no information?
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  • @Belassi has made a point here, giving suggestions without info is always impossible.
  • Without formula info, the only advice I can give is to try doubling all of the ingredients (except water) in the lab, and see what you get. If it works, gradually add more of the failed batch until it starts to fail again, which should tell you how much you need to add to fix the failed batch.
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  • i am sorry for  not giving enough information actually   a have made two batches of  a 2 in 1 shampoo using cade oil obtained from The Juniperus oxycedrus (prickly juniper) tree which were successful its %  in the formula was 0.3% and i solubilized it in a solubilizer where i normally solubilize fragrances.
    It was when a custumer has requested to put more of this oil in the same formula so i made experiment in the lab using increasing amounts . I didn't increase the amount of the solubilizer and i get an homogeneous shampoo but more darker brown  at 0.8% thinking it will  also work for a big batch but it didn't.
    The oil of cade is extracted by pyrolysis from the wood, contains sesquiterpenes and phenols . It should not be confused with the essential oil of cade which is extracted with steam. May be it needs a special solubilizer which will be suitable for its chemical structure.
    Thank you Bobzchemist  i'll try your suggestion but the formula contains 1.5% of SLES which is very thick  i wonder how can i solubilize it without water ? 
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