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I want to develop blemish control cream & I want to use Salicylic acid so I want to know that can we add Salicylic Acid in Oil Phase (Melting point of Salicylic acid is 158 to 161°C) ?

And one more thing I want to know that if I want to use salicylic acid so which thickener I can use ?

If I will use xanthan , it will not give good creamy structure. & carbomer we can not use because of pH issue.

Which another thickener we can use for the  Blemish control cream.

pH of Blemish control cream is generally 3.8 to 4.8 ?


  • I suggest you should put Salicylic acid to the oil phase. But, please, don't confuse "melting point" and "solubility".

    Re: thickener. It looks like you're going to create a cream. So, you need to use some appropriate emulsifier or even a system of emulsifiers where Xanthan or Carbomer you have mentioned would play a role of additional thickeners - not emulsifiers. Your choice of emulsifier will depend on what kind of the emulsion you wish to get - W\O, O\W, W\O\W etc?
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    Try using lotionpro 165 (peg100stearate+glyceryl stearate) as your emulsifier (o/w), as it's good with acidic ph. 
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    Please be aware that making a product with Sal Acid and offering it for ale commercially without using the services of an expert formulator/chemist may open you and your company up to substantial liability. Honestly, please do not play around with ingredients that could potentially harm your customers until you build up more expertise in formulating.

    If your doing this just for yourself, however, don't let me stop you. Experimentation has led to many good products - just be careful.
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    @Robert this is most probably in India so I guess not too many issues re the regulatory part until and unless something horribly goes wrong with the product and it is in the market.
  • India had a very complicated regulatory system, lots of issues.
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    @alchemist If you are going through the proper channels then you have lot of issues for sure. 
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    And that's the irony. 
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  • To dissolve Salicylic Acid, you may try dissolving it, separately, in Ethyl Alcohol, then, wait overnight to see whether it is separated.  If it didn't separate, you may add it, dissolved in Ethyl Alcohol, to the water phase of the lab batch. But, I strongly emphasis the point Bob mentioned about the legal issues of dealing with Salicylic Acid, especially, you, already, declared that your product is "Blemish Control Cream".  When you say "Blemish Control", it could be considered as "Drug Claim" from FDA. Cosmetic Claims could be only: "enhancing the appearance of".  Drug Claim may include: Control, treat, cure, etc.  Also, Salicylic Acid is considered "Active", if you are using it, in any OTC Cream and it may have FDA Monograph.  Also, to manufacture OTC Cream, you may need to have Drug Establishment Registration from FDA. You may need to check with FDA regarding the legal issue in this subject
  • Another exhumation.
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    Come on Jojo, its almost 4 years. 
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