emulgade PL 68/50

Hello all,

i have been formulating with emulgade pl 68/50 (cetearyl alcohol and cetearyl glucoside) and some one tells me that have had a lot of trouble with a similar/same (montanov 68) during scale up. They had no problems in the lab but once they started making large batches, the emulsifying system wouldnt work. I have also read on that point of interest blog that it is hard to preserve?

just wanted to ask if anyone has experience in using an emulsifier like this and their experience in scale up before i throw all my money into a pilot batch

thank you!!!! 


  • ozgirlozgirl Member, PCF student
    We use that product normally in conjunction with Eumulgin SG (Sodium Stearoyl Glutamate) to make creams and lotions and make batches of 200 to 400L with no problems.

    I seem to remember most of the starting formulations for that product included a second emulsifier like Eumulgin SG.  I also think that the Emulgade PL 68/50 is referred to as an emulsion base rather than a complete emulsifying system so you may need an additional emulsifier to get good stability.
  • oh good cause thats how i formulated it.

    what about preservation problems?

  • ozgirlozgirl Member, PCF student
    No issues with preservation but it will probably depend on what preservative you choose.
  • It forms lamellar liquid crystalline network which increases water retention function of the product. Its better to use additional emulsifier depending on oil loading.
  • MakingSkincareMakingSkincare Member, Professional formulator
    I know some chemists have experienced issues with cetearyl glucoside re stability.  As ozgirl mentions, emulugin SG is a great add to an emulsifier blend.  It's an anionic, powerful "natural" emulsifier and I have found it to be highly effective.  For those homecrafters who wish to try this, it's not yet available on the DIY homecraft supplier market but I'm endeavouring to persuade some suppliers to bring it in.  In the meantime I recommend to my students (and in my discussion forum), this natural reliable emulsifier blend: natragem EW sold in Canada/USA: Penny Lane Organics and sold in Europe by these 3 suppliers as "ecomuls" (not to be confused with "ecomulse"): rosarome.de, hobby-kosmetik.de, behawe.com.
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  • THanks guys!! im doing a pilot batch and fill stability just to make sure!

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