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Hair cream

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I am working on a hair cream and I am having a few issues with it.
1. When adjusting ph down viscosity drops
2. Adding silicone vis drops too
3. I want a creamy texture of product. This is thin and melts in hand. The product doesn't have body.
Why is this happening? What are ways to increase viscosity?
Composition: behentrimonium chloride, cetyl alchol and esters, silicone, glycerin


  • You can use carbopol to increase the viscosity 1%-1.5% using TEA or NaOH/KOH to get ir to the right Ph. Lubrizol has a f√≥rmula like the one you want to make.
  • I am sorry but you cant use carbopol with a cationic formulation, either up the fatty alcohol or better use the combination of cetyl and cetostearyl that I do and it thickens great. Or use a cationic thickener like a polyquaternium 10 or 37 or which is available to you easily and fits your cost. With a cationic thickener you can reduce the quantity of your conditioner also as the thickener also provides the conditioning.
  • Ph is low so Carbopol did not work, It kicked out.. And when I increased the level of fatty alcohol it killedddd viscosity.
  • You could also use a cellulose thickener like Hydroxyethylcellulose.  I also agree more cetyl or stearyl alcohol would help boost viscosity.
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