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Where can I get bulk Egg Lecithin? Want to try it as an emulsifier w polysorbate 80

edited January 11 in Formulating
There's one company  Kewpie Corporation who sells it in 1 kg amounts, Skin Essential Actives claims to have it but shipped me the wrong ingredient.

Any other options?


  • Why is the source important to you?
  • I assume you mean vs plant based lecithin.

    I'm making a formula that intends to closely mimic composition of the skin, egg lecithin is closer to that than e.g. soy lecithin. Penetration enhancement properties also significantly differ between the two, so egg could be better for certain types of formulas.

    Otherwise, viscosity and in turn lotion feel and rub in characteristics should be the same. Here's a good review article looking at that:
  • Bump! Still looking for a source for this, maybe one could be found in the food industry? 
  • It's worth a try...
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