Natural Beauty products start up

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I'm a recent graduate and was looking to break into the natural beauty business here in Egypt due to the lack of good "natural" products. I understand that natural is a buzzword and can mean lots of things. What I'm trying to do is use as many natural ingredients that aren't synthesized or chemically changed in the products. I understand that some things like preservatives are unavoidable but I'd like to achieve a 90%+ at least natural product. I'm have read a lot of recipes and information online but most recipes either seem weak, poor texture, too oily, etc. I'm trying to look for someone that. I could work with to formulate lotion, body butters, anti aging, hair treatment, lip balm. I know there are a lot of basic recipes out there but I'm in search for something strong if a formulator is willing to help at a minimum cost, I'd greatly appreciate it. Here is an email message me there or inbox me here. If we agree that we both can work together I'll give you my personal email then as. I.DDon't want spam.



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