Something I am facing problem on addition to chlorhexidine gluconate in to a viscous gel of CARBOPOL 940 by using Diisopropanolamine ,getting precipitation.I am making a hand sanitizer in a hydroalcoholic solution and chlorhexidine gluconate 2.5%.
Formulation as using:-
Part A
HPMC.       ....1%
PG. .................0.7%
Part B
DM WATER.........19.0Gm.
everything is ok. But When I adding chlorhexidine gluconate it becomes ppt. agglomeration. Loosing viscosity also. Pls suggest something. Formulation as regulatory body.want to prepare transparent viscous gel, as my organization demands to sustain in the market.


  • HSC2020HSC2020 Member
    Pls suggest
  • lmoscalmosca Member
    You are adding an electrolyte to carbopol.

    That what's happening.

    As a matter of fact, you are adding an electrolyte that has an immense affinity for carboxylate ions (like those in carbomers).

  • ozgirlozgirl Member, PCF student
    Is your carbopol compatible with cationic materials like the CHG? Many carbopols are not compatible with cationics.
  • lmoscalmosca Member
    Pointless, IMO.

    There is enough evidence that CHG is inactivated by carbomers, which isn't a surprise, considering that it is a bis(biguanidinium). 

    Here is the first link that comes up, https://www.ajicjournal.org/article/S0196-6553(09)00075-3/fulltext
  • chemicalmattchemicalmatt Member, Professional Chemist
    What he said...and no carbomers are compatible with any cationics, ever, same as for all acrylates and their copolymers. Also, none are electrolyte tolerant no matter what the manufacturer's state, even with proteins.  A common mistake repeated in this forum: "why does my Carbopol crash when I add XXX?" Check the charge:mass ratio and character of XXX. I am wondering why the HPMC is in there at the same time. Whaasup with that?
  • HSC2020HSC2020 Member
    Pls. suggest which co-polymer /cross-polymer match with CHG to get the clear transparent viscous gel by above composition ? HPMC  use to increase the viscosity. easily can deleate for the same.
  • BelassiBelassi Member
    Don't you LISTEN, man? REALLY? You can't do that.
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  • HSC2020HSC2020 Member
    Ok Sir. I dint try further.thanks
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