Sliding Soap

Hello Everyone,

I want to make my family slide soap.

I would like if you could help me with thinking and formulate the right formula for it.

I don't want the soap to cause tears or cause a skin irritation- think that we slide several times without remove the soap.

I thought about this base:

Lauramide DEA- 20%


Water- QS

Citric Acid- To pH=5.50

Please advise,


Ziv Ben Ami.

Chief Chemist/ R&D Manager at SASA Cosmetics


  • @ZivBA does it need to be foaming?

    You could simply use some very high molecular PEG, it will be slippery! If in the US people buy JLube to make homemade bubble liquid, it’s just PEG (not sure the number) and a filler, and it was originally intended for veterinarian use during birth but they claim it can be used as soap by mixing in salt.

    this sounds like a cheap and non irritating way to make sliding “soap”. it will also stay on the body and stay slippery when rehydrated.
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