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hi, I am working on an idea for a product line for kids and I want it to be organic.  I have been researching labs but having difficulty finding labs that use organic materials.  Can anyone please recommend either labs or consultants (or both) to assist in the creation of the formula?


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    It's not enough to just have a lab that uses organic raw materials - you need to find a manufacturer that's certified organic and can guide you through the certification process. It won't be cheap.
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    See if he can help you.
  • Bob is right.  In order to have a certified organic product, the formulation itself must 1) meet the organic ingredient requirements of a particular standard and 2) be made and filled in a certified organic facility. You can't do one without the other.

    We are a certified manufacturer under our National Organic Program and also under the Ecocert standard. We have made certified products under both standards.
    The NOP is not very cosmetic product friendly.  Ecocert was designed for cosmetics and is easier to work with although it is quite demanding in certain ways.

    I would be happy to provide information on this subject. We know it very well and yes, it is somewhat expensive.

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