Gel Vs Lotion Moisturizer?

I love the gel concept and I feel its starting to get more popular. From a science perspective obviously, is their a benefit of one over the other? Does one moisturize better? Instinctively I feel like the lotion moisturizes better but many women have seen good improvement in moisture retention with gels.


  • TBH, the choice largely depends on the individual, if they need a really oil-free product, they would go for the gel. Some people choose to do that because the ingredients in the lotion or cream breaks them out, such as the emollients or silicones used. Quite some people i've seen at least on reddit, mix oils with gels, eg, Squalane + Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel.

    For retaining skin moisture, it's very likely that an emulsion is better due to the use of occlusives that the gel can't contain. 
  • Thank you, yes I was planning to put oil in my gel.
  • I prefer to use moisturizer lotion instead of gel because the gel does not suit my skin. whenever I use gel my skin gets drier and oily, but moisturizer lotion helps my skin to glow and help me to look fresh even in very busy and tried day. 
  • Is not true that Cream-gel combo help active absorb better?
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