Best conference / trade-show if looking for ingredient suppliers.

I have seen a similar question asked...but maybe not specifically focused on ingredient suppliers...

If my focus is to find ingredient suppliers for mostly natural lotions...what would you recommend?  Still the NYSCC Supplier's Day?



  • I've only been to suppliers day but I'd recommend it. Big names have big booths, but with the growing interest in ~natural~ products   makes me think most suppliers there will have some kind of offering geared toward that.  There were definitely some groups I hadn't heard of before, but I'm still new to the industry
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    Yes, Suppliers Day is the biggest. We're having one in Chicago called Teamworks which will have a good number of suppliers. And California has a suppliers day every other year in October.

    In-Cosmetics outside the US is also a big show for raw material suppliers. They tried to have one in New York in October but that just hasn't caught on.
  • I took a peek at the vendor list....and they mainly seem to be big time suppliers.....of which I have had a very difficult time with making in roads with, due to my small size.  Right now I am buying from vendors like: Ingredients to die for, New Directions, LotionCrafters, Buying a pound or Kilo at a time.  Since I for see slow growth....(which is what I desire)…. I would like to know a show or conference in the US, where I am most likely to find this type of supplier?
    Right Now....I am primarily suppling one retail store with about 150 bottles of lotion a month, and focusing my time on developing two new (lotion) formulas.  Once these products are completed, I will turn my efforts to marketing, and can then possibly seek out bigger suppliers.

    Thank You
  • I think maybe you might be interested in the Handcrafted soap and cosmetic guild. Some of the suppliers you are buying from seem to show up to these conferences
  • @Graillotion if you are that small I don't know that a conference would be most helpful at the moment. You could try joining  a guild or other interest group (Society of cosmetic chemists if you meet the requirements). 

    Other small quantity US vendors I know of (who can provide paperwork) are: (a little non-traditional but they provide CoA and have  ingredients you may see customers request)

  • Yes....regarding conference...I was mainly looking for a place where suppliers congregate... :) 
    Thank you for that list of reputable suppliers.  I was familiar with at least 1/2 of them.....
    One site I had seen....that was very well worded...but I think based out of India ,,,, (which scared me),,,, was: "Nature in a Bottle" …. Anyone have any feed back on them?

  • Haven't used them before but the site does look polished enough that I would give them a try
  • EVchem , you list of suppliers above....would you also include any of these as good (quality) suppliers?  LotionCrafter, MakeYourOwn.Buzz, BrambleBerry, Bulk Ap, Ingredients to Die for?

  • @Graillotion @EVchem, their website seems very similar to that of a small suppliers based in Oregon, down to the thumbnails...
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    "their" meaning.... Nature in a bottle?

  • Suggesting...copy cat....or affiliation?

  • "their" meaning.... Nature in a bottle?

    Correct. It seems they have different contacts info and different offices locations. I have contacted both companies. If it's a copycat issue, their lawyers will take care of it.
  • @Graillotion -

    •  Lotioncrafter often leaves the tradename of the product in their information, used them plenty of times and never had an issue. 
    • Ingredients to die for I've seen before, never ordered but looks like they will provide SDS, tech sheet if they have it, and COA if you order a big enough size. So probably a decent site and if you're a hobbyist making things for personal use you can probably get away without COA for everything.  
    • Bulk AP we have looked at but it doesn't seem easy to find paperwork on their site and I can't remember if they provide COA.
    • I hadn't heard of makeyourown or brambleberry, but both look just fine for most items- thanks for showing me something new!

    @lmosca very interesting, let us know what you hear back!
  • Anyone heard of any conferences....or trade shows...that will actually occur this year? :) 

  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    There are a bunch that are still scheduled 
    Suppliers Day (late September)
    In-Cosmetic’s - October
    Teamworks - October 

    but we’ll see if they actually happen.

    has anyone been to a good digital conference?
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    Providing you have an open mind and are prepared to take a look at what the industry is doing (but please, NOT if everything has to be 'natural' or 'organic') I strongly recommend seeing if you can get on a seminar run by one of your local ingredient suppliers. First you learn about ingredients and systems. Then you put to use what you learned. Typically, working in small teams, you formulate several products. It is a great opportunity to learn; I could bore you to tears with what I learned about the design of a modern laundry detergent system. You even (usually) get to take the products you made, home. The glass cleaner we made was amaaaaaaazing. I demonstrated it on my car, to my car wash guy. He was gobsmacked.
    Also ... you get to find out who else is operating in your neighbourhood, which is good commercial intelligence.
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  • If you are also looking for plant oils and essential oils, look up these 2 distributors Ziani Organic Oils (Germany) and Scattersoils (South Africa). They are willing to sell to small businesses in smaller units like 1kg.
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    If you are also looking for plant oils and essential oils, look up these 2 distributors Ziani Organic Oils (Germany) and Scattersoils (South Africa). They are willing to sell to small businesses in smaller units like 1kg.
    I am US based...(Hawaii to make things worse)… So freight usually kills any  savings.  I am getting a number of products from LotionCrafter… which has the cheapest shipping, and New Directions Aromatics...(Canada) for my EO's and some oils, and FloraTech for some novel ingredients, and for some chemicals.
    But thank you for the input...I will look at their sites....I always learn something new.
  • @Graillotion, have a look if you can order from here
    It’s probably the best of all DIY suppliers. They have very advanced materials that others don’t and the range is huge. You can use translate in google chrome to navigate (I don’t know a single world in Italian but navigate it).
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