Shampoo for demage hair color safe and keratin treated hair to maintain keratin result


I want to prepare shampoo and conditioner for 1. dry demage hair to repair the fiber(hair) make hair soft, silky and feel the volumizing and shine.
2.This shampoo should use for color safe purpose.
 3.Very import use of this shampoo use as aftercare after the keratin treatment done on hair.
4. I have list of composition to share with you.

Please guide me so that I can share the list of composition. 

You people are really very much supportive, I have read most of the discussion forum.

Waiting for positive reply.

Thanks to all  


  • Technically speaking, you cannot fix "damaged" hair because hair is not living. The term "damaged hair" is used as a marketing term. 
    What you can do, however, is use a variety of ingredients to help improve the look of the hair.

    That being said, to make a shampoo you will need some surfactants, thickeners, preservatives and possibly more depending on your formula. You can start by looking at the ingredients list of your favourite shampoos as a base. You can also look on websites such as Making Cosmetics which offer some pre-made formulas.
  • kumarkumar Member
    Yes right its marketing term, but after using shampoo and conditioner we can make hair acceptable means look good , soft , silky and shining one .

    I have formula which I'm going to share so please guide me in that all things are available means surfactant, thickeners , and preservatives etc. After this I'm sharing composition. You tell me what to add what to delete .

    Thanks for reply.
  • kumarkumar Member
    This formula should help me for color treated hair and keratin treated hair after doing keratin treatment on hair. Following is composition.
  • To make damaged hair look shiny you need three things:

    1) Silicones
    2) Silicones
    3) Silicones

    Jokes asides: and cationics.
  • Water is the main thing that discolous hair dye. Surfactant choice plays a very minor or no role. @Perry posted his findings somewhere in this board.

    Keratin is not absorbed by hair in any way. That's BS and marketing nonsense.

    Many people with damaged, dyed hair found they only benefit from co-wash or cleansing conditioners, not from regular shampoos.
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