What are the best essential oils in term of good for skin and good scent?

I plan to use essential oils for good smells and additional good for skin.
Anyone has suggestions?

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  • Smell is subjective so I doubt you will find a definitive answer on the smell. 

    As for being good for the skin, there are no proven benefits to using essential oils on the skin. From what I've read, the opposite may even be true.

    Frankly, if you want something which smells good then I would look into buying some fragrance oils instead of essential oils. I find that they work far better than essential oils ever could.

    Hope this helps.
  • I raised a discussion on this topic here 2 years ago. Members who work in the industry shared sufficient number of evidence including a couple of research papers that suggest that there’s no such thing as good EO. They all are toxic and bad for the skin. Their only purpose is to make product smell nice. I agree with @natzam44, fragrance oils although also can cause allergic response at some consumers, at least are less phototoxic and more predictable. I personally don’t add any sort of perfume in any leave in product for my face.
  • @ngarayeva001
    can you send me the link for the topic?
  • MarkBroussardMarkBroussard Member, Professional Chemist
    IMHO ... neither Essential Oils nor Fragrance Oils serve any benefit to the skin other than scent.  So, your tradeoff is something thing that smells good, but also has negative effects on the skin such as photosensitization and/or allergic reaction and really no benefits.  But, scent is an important product feature for many consumers.

    EO's and Fragrance Oil most often contain some of the same chemical compounds, so one is not really any better than the other. 

    Case in point ... I recently had a custom fragrance developed that excluded the known fragrance allergens ... in working with it, some spilled on a stained concrete floor ... it actually dissolved the stain.  I've never had an essential oil do that.

    As general guidance, EO's from citrus are the most photosensitizing.  Floral EO's tend to be less irritating to the skin.  So, Rose, Lavender, etc.
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    See website for details www.desertinbloomcosmeticslab.com
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