Need Help with Homogeniser

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Dear All,

I am faced with a peculiar situation and need your technical support.

Q1. I need to test if the homogeniser supplied by the fabricator(bottom end mounted single stage) will do its job. I wish to make all kinds of cosmetic creams and emulsion in the vessel and hence wanted to ask what could be easier(mainly cheaper) way to test the homogeniser working? The fabricator would modify the homogeniser in case it isn't functioning properly.  Would 5 % Carbopol mixing test be a good idea? Also, should I throw the fist batch of homogeniser mixing as it may contain various buffing microparticles?

Q2: Would 5 hp 2800 rpm be a good combination for Homogenisation? (Assuming the rotor stator assembly is designed at par)?


  • Addl Refernce to Q2: for 200 litre working capacity
  • Homogenizer works at 6000 to 14000 rpm speed depends on what type in like mixer top mixer bottom mixer also on material chemical you are playing with. Viscosity etc many stages  with calculated time period
  • 2800 sounds more like low shear overhead stirrer, not a homogenizer
  • You are doing it backwards. Ideally you would hire a CFD company to design a machine to make your top sales product. Then you see if you can adapt the machine to make other products. 

    Spending money on a machine and then figure out what can you do with it is a wrong way of doing business.
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    I am also stuck with this kind of decision, need to order 100kg process vessel for my creams. 
    What is CFD Company?
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