honey face mask formula help

hello all, 

I have a new face mask that im trying to reformulate. I want honey to be the major ingredient being used. I would like to use atleast

honey 40%

irradiated clay 30% 

sulfur 3 or 5% 

im using 

ICE Alginate Sunflower wax, sodium alginate, caprylic/capric triglyceride as an emulsifier 


Caprylhydroxamic acid gg, Radish root ferment, Leucidal liquid as preservatives.

my major concern is how to prevent the honey, clay, sulfur and additional extracts from seperating, and molding 

please feel free to offer advise 


  • Are you currently making this product? Are you seeing separation?  For me at least there's no way to tell you how to prevent separation if you don't know if the product will even separate at all yet- you also need to say how much emulsifier not just what kind.

    For preventing molding, you'll have to do some kind of microbial/ AET  to find out if your preservative is effective for your formula
  • @EVchem im using 6% of ICE Alginate Sunflower wax, sodium alginate, caprylic/capric triglyceride as an emulsifier 
  • @EVchem I have not made this exact product yet, however I did make another product recently that required a hot emulsion phase and it separated and did not perform as desired. thanks for your reply 
  • Honestly I don't really see the need for an emulsifier  since you have no oils (other than what you're putting in with the emulsifier blend), you just need to figure out a way to suspend the clay and sulfur. So you need some kind of thickener- maybe a gum like gellan or xanthan? not sure there's enough water for it to actually hydrate and you'll almost definitely need a stronger preservative- your best bet might be to make this immediately before applying if it is for personal use only.
  • @EVchem
    ok thanks. I will definitely look into stronger preservatives, and I will incorporate the xanthan gum. in the last batch we used a group of preservatives including : benzyl alcohol dha, potassium sorbate, caprylyl glycol, and silverion. 
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