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hi, i’very happy to have found this forum.
In my family we have cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals industry.
We produce everything in other labs but now i’m trying to open a my own one.
i’ve no experience as formulator so i’ll be supported by some experts.
my problem is that the experts have always some interest in make me buy a product moreover then another, so i’m really confused!
i also would to save budget!
that’s a “short” list of what i need

-turbo 50l vacuum (from italy about 55000$ and from china about 14000$) it has to be heated but I don’t know if also cooled!
-200l mixer not vacuum not heated (sure?) (11000$ from italy and 1900$ from china)
-pneumatic filling machine (6000/11000$ from italy, 1000$ from china)
-air pump (only silent or also with filters?)
-water system or RO or ionic switch system
- silverson l5
- magnetic and rod stirrers by argolab
-argolab tcf 50
- centrifuge
-semi automatic tube welding machine
-fungilab viscometer
-phmeter hanna
-weight scale kern 0,01
-weight scale kern0,001
- weight scale for bigger weights
-handeld jet stamp to print codes like production and expiration 

do you have suggestions?
i can send specs about the turbo and the mixer.


  • Well, for starters you are missing a key detail, what products will you produce and how many units. I take you will make small batches of small things like toners. 
    If so, that list seems OK, but for example, why do you need a centrifuge?. Will a 50l mixer be enough?. That's only 1000 50ml units... If the batches are that small, why don't you invest in a osmosis system?. You really need a fancy oven?. But again, without knowing what you are going to make it's hard to say.
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    Thank you for your time!

     osmosis system is in the list (RO = reverse osmosis)

    I try to summarise my reasons.
    i’ve a really small line of cosmetics and parfums that at the base are really expensive.
    my family has a small-medium cosmetic and supplements company. They produce in the cosmetic part about 50000 pcs/year including face lotions, body lotions, creams for psoriasis, zinc, anti inflammatory, detergents of different kind (sold in pharmacies) etc.
    so i have a base to start my business and they usually order small batches of about 1000 pcs per product.
    my idea is to provide products for same range companies but also to smaller companies. When i started with my line it was difficult to find someone that produce less then 1000 pcs.

    with a 100L i have abiut 30l of minimum working capacity that are 600 pcs of 50ml.
    with a 50L i can produce also the half!

    detergents are usually about 200ml so i can use a 200L simple mixer.

    What do you think about this project?
  • If you are doing it for yourself and you already run the numbers go ahead. Now, if you are going to sell the service to 3rd parties then i'd say your project is doomed already. A silly example. You are making your batch for yourself and 2 customers order you the same thing, but 2000 and 4000 pcs. You only have 2 customers and you can't deliver already because you only have one 50l mixer and machinery to make small quantities. The way I see it, you haven't started and you already fall short. You either invest to produce for other companies or just for yourself.

    If in 6 months you need to invest in a 2nd filler or a 2nd reactor then you are losing money already. My advice would be to hire a consultant with experience, hire someone who knows how to make and develope a business plan for this niche and don't rely on the opinion of a formulator.

    Now matter how expert your formulator might be, making a product and making a business ain't the same. To me, that list is some nerd's wet dreams, -kind of mine too- not realistic for a successful lab. I'm sure im wrong, but you better hear it from someone who knows how to set up a successful lab, that's the best investment you can make.
  • I’m waiting to understand our best option.

    however here there a lot of realities that makes 500/1000 pcs.

    but i agree with you that i need a 100L more is too much to begin!
  • My advice is, if you buy machinery from China make sure you understand how the machine works to know how to fix it 

    Also you don't always have to go expensive, the best is to go simple
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