email re "help me out" seeking donations

Hello @Perry ,

received an email today from this group seeking for donations.
Is this legit? I am just curious because this is the first time I got an email re this concern.

just for your info,



  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    Hello @Sheng

    Yes, it is legit. I'm doing a charity bike ride this weekend and thought I would send something out to members of this group to see if anyone would be interested in donating.  Also, I gave away a free cosmetic regulations report. 

    There is no obligation to donate and the report is free to download. I don't often send out donation requests like this (last time was 6 years ago) but I think it is a worthy cause.

    If you or anyone else is interested in donating, you can go here.

    Thanks again to everyone who participates in this forum!

    Perry, 44
  • I read it too, it's for Multiple Sclerosis, right? Way to go, Perry! :+1:
    Wishing you good luck this weekend (are you juggling and cycling at the same time or is that only when you're running? ;) )
    Kidding aside. Of course I will donate and wish you all the best!
  • Done. Good luck, Perry.
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