Best stick mixer for making emulsions?

Hello everyone, whilst I save up for the homogeniser of my dreams, I need to purchase a new stick mixer. Does anybody have any recommendations?  I know the Bosch one was recommended, but it is not available anymore.

Also, does anybody have any tips for creating a beautiful cream with a stick mixer?  Many thanks.


  • PharmaPharma Member, Pharmacist
    Blendia by Kai is said to be great, looks like a hybrid between an Ultraturrax and a stick mixer... alas, once I found out, its production has been stopped a months before ;( .
    Another recommended one are certain models of ESGE Zauberstab and Bamix. These are high-speed (>10'000 RPM) stick mixers with relatively low wattage in case of ESGE whilst Bamix has for example a 360 W model with 22'000 RPM. Both are super robust and look very old school. They are in fact so old school that you can still use granny's replacement blades on the new models and they are so robust, you can use a new replacement blade on granny's still working mixer :) .
    I'm actually searching for a suitable model myself and am considering Steba MX 21 and Gastroback 40976 Design Advanced Pro E. They have reasonable prices and each its advantages and disadvantages. The former has exchangeable blades (I could probably make something high-shear of my own?) and unfortunately starts already at 4'000 RPM and goes up to 13'000 RPM with a power button for 16'000 RPM. The latter has two exchangeable sticks, one normal sized and one with a nice small sized head for emulsions and small home made batches and starts at a low 800 RPM and goes stepless up to 15'000 RPM. Has anyone ever tried one of these?

  • SpongeSponge Member
    Thanks @Pharma !
  • GabyDGabyD Member
    Hi Pharma, thanks for your reply. I managed to find a Bamix supplier here in Australia, so I will go with one of those. Thanks again!
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