Suggestions for chemicals in making powder detergent into big granular or like beads

Hi..Can you please help me what kind of chemicals are being used in the formulation of granular powder detergent if you only using ribbon blender so that it becomes less dense and the 100g when in appearance it becomes 200ml.
I already used some chemicals that are granular and I already used sucrose solution as a binder in soda ash but still the output was less granular as shown below..

Our client want that the appearance is aesthetically high in appearance like in the middle of the 3 bottles.
I know that only spray dryer method can make like this but the equipment is too much costly and we only have ribbon blender available..

Any suggestions please....
Hope you can help me regarding about this.Many Thanks..


  • By the way this is the chemicals I were used in my formulation..Sodium Carbonate-45%, Sodium Sulfate-25%,LABSA-8%,SLS,Sodium Perborate,Sucrose and other additives
  • And also I am located in Sultanate in Oman..And my client want the powder is more granular..Thanks
  • mrinalmrinal Member
    u can try by adding cal. carbonate
  • Thank you for you comment mrinal..I will try that..
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