Glycolic Acid in facial Scrub

can anyone tell me that how can i use glycolic acid facial scrub after emulsification or before emulsification 
please tell me all about it about using in formulation and is it stable?


  • Do you have any abrasive particles in this product? Is it a ‘physical’ scrub?
  • UsmanAliUsmanAli Member
    Yes i have beeds in this formulation

  • Mixing chemical and physical scrub is a bad idea. It will cause irritation for the most skin types.
  • chemicalmattchemicalmatt Member, Professional Chemist
    Add it post-emulsification.  As to whether stable or not: cannot say as it depends on the other components,method of emulsification, how much glycolic acid you are'll find out.
  • UsmanAliUsmanAli Member
    i want to add 1% glycolic acid
  • What do you want glycolic acid to do in your formula? 1% isn't high to cause irritation but it will not add any benefits either at this concentration. If you add it for claims, you can add even less than 1%.
  • UsmanAliUsmanAli Member
    yes! but what is the method of using glycolic acid
    how we can neutralize it 

  • chemicalmattchemicalmatt Member, Professional Chemist
    Usman, what ngarayeva is saying is that 1.0% glycolic acid will have no desquamation effect, you need to use >10.0% to get any efficacy, plus do not neutralize since it loses efficacy above pH 3. Also ngarayeva means if it is only in your formula as a label ingredient , just add less, or if you are using it as a pH adjuster, use only what you need.
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