Formulation Advise - Lip Product

Hello All, I hope everyone's well.

I am doing a low-cost lip tint project to be sold primarily to teenage girls. Although we would want to personally benefit from future sales, the main goal is to help raise funds to buy an electronic stimulating machine for children with facial paralysis.

I've been reading extensively over the past weeks about the basics -ingredients, ratios, safety. Finally, I came up with a simple, straight-forward formula. I would like to ask advise if this is doable. 

60% water
10% aloe vera gel
10% vegetable glycerin
10% pigment
3% propylene glycol
3% glyceryl  stearate or polysorbate 20
1% jojoba oil,
1% vit e
1% shea butter
.7% Phenoxyethanol
.3% essential oil

1. Are the %s of the aloe vera gel and vegetable glycerin too high?
2. We are using Red 40 (and Red 3) for colorants. There are safety debates surrounding this color and since our market are girls, what can be a good alternative for Red 40? Or is this good/safe enough?
3. Can propylene glycol increase the efficacy of Phenoxythanol given it's only at .7%? Can this two together act as a broad spectrum preservative?
4. Since Phenoxythanol is no longer approved by ECOCERT, I am thinking of using Benzyl Alcohol (and) Salicylic Acid (and) Glycerin (and) Sorbic Acid instead but I cannot get ahold of Preservative Eco here. I would have to take the ingredients individually. What would be the ratio for each ingredients?
5. If I use flower water (rose water), would my preservative be enough, or do I need to add in another?
6. Is glyceryl stearate a better option than polysorbate 20?

I have not tested out this formula yet. But once I've sampled on this, I will send it out for Microbial Testing. There's a corresponding lab fee for every test and unfortunately we do not have all the means yet so we want to at least perfect the formula first to avoid reformulation and multiple microbial (PET) testing. 

I know these are a lot of questions, I apologize. But any response would be highly appreciated. Thank you very much.
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