Ingredient Compatibility in a Formula

I am a recent chemistry graduate working on a moisturizing cream and balm/salve duo, filled with actives and other effective ingredients.  What factors do I need to look at to ensure compatibility of actives in the formula, e.g. making sure that the presence of one raw material/active doesn't interfere with the function of others.

Actives we are considering in the cream: Colloidal oatmeal, panthenol, Urea, Glycolic acid, neem, burdock, vitamin A, and vitamin E, Allantoin, Chamomile, Squalene, exfoliating papaya enzymes

Actives we are considering in the balm/salve: Lipids/ceramides, Rosehip, panthenol, Marshmallow root extract, calendula, niacinamide


  • You use four ingredients with exfoliating properties in one product. One of them being retinol which is sensitising alone. Depending on % this product might be rather irritating. Impossible to say without seing the entire formula. If you use these ingredients at 0.01% for claims might be ok.
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