Decyl Glucoside as a Co-Emulsifier or Emulsion Stabilizer for Leave On Applications

Can someone explain to me if Decyl Glucoside would be a good emulsion stabilizer or co-emulsifier in lotion/cream (leave on) formulations at < 0.5 %w/w. 


  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    I wouldn't say it's a good emulsifier for a leave-on product due to it's allergenic potential. Stick with standard nonionic emulsifiers.
  • I get surprised when I see glucosides in leave in moisturizers. Usually they are listed after 1% line but it’s strange to see, say coco glucoside, in a luxury Japanese moisturizer.
    Thank you for an article, Perry.
  • GuntherGunther Member
    Glucosides leave a sticky afterfeel even in rinse off formulations
    The stickiness will become worse in leave on applications.
  • BelassiBelassi Member
    It's a terrible idea.
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  • RenKBRenKB Member, PCF student
    Adding to the "no, don't." I've found decyl glucoside in particular to be quite irritating on the skin, and the stickiness it adds is a pain to deal with.
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