Melting Behentrimonium Choloride

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I am currently making a Hair Conditioner. I am using Behentrimonium Choloride. I attempted to melt the Behentrimonium Choloride in the oil phase in a microwave. However, it just foamed up a lot. My question is, should Behentrimonium be melted in the oil phase or the water phase? I appreciate your help


  • In a microwave?!
  • MissCMissC Member
    What is the best method would you recommend to melt it?
  • MissCMissC Member
    JonahRay. Sorry I am new to this
  • You are lucky it didn't explode! Behentrimonium chloride is oil soluble. Melt it in the oil phase on a water bath.
  • Never use a microwave for making personal care products. Get a thermometer as well. You shouldn't overheat certain ingredients. Behentrimonium will melt around 65-70C and your water phase should be the same temperature.
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    Thank you so much ngarayeva001. Will give it a try
  • What is in your formula?
  • @MissC If you are just doing this at home with little to no equipment, boil some water in a kettle and do a 'double broiler' situation to warm up your phases.
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