Acne - antibiotic treatment study.

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There's a very interesting article in Dermatology Times today about a study done on the bacterial populations on people with acne (c. acnes, used to be p.acnes) 
Basically, while the patients improved and reductions of c. acnes were seen, after treatment stopped the population of c. acnes rebounded.
Not only that, but the population of pseudomonas bacteria grew almost five-fold (bad) and the population of lactobacillus dropped sharply (bad).
The transient growth of bacterial populations, such as Pseudomonas species, immediately following antibiotic treatment points toward the possibility of opportunistic skin infections, such as gram-negative folliculitis, with prolonged antibiotic therapy for acne.” - Dr Luis Garza. 
Chien AL, Tsai J, Leung S, et al. Association of systemic antibiotic treatment of acne with skin microbiota characteristics [published online February 13, 2019]. JAMA Dermatol.
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