Castile soap

my background is Agricultural Chemical formulations for around 40 years now retired. 
Im enjoying making very basic skin care products.
I have made Castile soap in two stages. Olive oil, 5% coconut oil and KoH to saponify then dilute with water to suite.
Can you do this reaction using sufficient water in one stage if so an indication of heat required and time of reaction would be appreciated.


  • @Rae i have experiences in such product for temperature  hot process will be fine whatever temperature , higher temperature faster saponification in hot process i think 1 hour and half will be almost fine going at  to 3 hours.
    About steps it is always better cocking the diluating cause with time water will be evaporated if you want make diluating from start.
  • This is something we do regularly. We use a 170 Litre stainless steel water jacketed stainless steel tank. We maintain the temperature at around 71 C. The saponifiaction takes the best part of one day.  A good mixer is required. The liquis soap is poured into jerry cans the next day after cooling. 
    Dr. Mike Thair
    Cofounder & Chief Formulator
    Indochine Natural
  • @mikethair why do not increasing temperature around 100 degree C for reducing time of saponification ? i already did it in industriel batch with 70 kg of soap and i get good soap ( i think that best part of day is waste of time and money)
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