Dry Pressed Eyeshadows

I'm a bit confused as to why my eyeshadows dry out after pressing, but are fine as a loose formula. This is my base formula:

Kaolin Clay 75%
MM Sericite 3%
Nylon 12 2%
Titanium Oxide (oil dispersable) 8%
HP1 Z-Cote 4%

Jojoba oil 2%
Dimethicone 350 5%
Preservative 1% 

I used 1 part base to 5 parts pigment (lake dye). Then added approximately 0.1mL glycerine and added 91% rubbing alcohol until it was a wet but firm consistency where I could form the eyeshadow into a firm ball. At this point I pressed with paper towel and left to dry. 

I can't figure out what is causing my pressed shadow to be so much drier and chalkier than the loose formula. Thanks for any help. 
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