Petrolatum and paraffin oil cause cancer?

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Hi evry one  i made some researchement about petrolatum and parafin oil and i find that they can really cause concer ,so how such product are used in hair pomade and the worst in baby product?


  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
  • As I mentioned the misconception came from technical grade mineral oil containing certain impurities. that grade is never used in skincare. Just get a purified mineral oil that is intended for use in cosmetics.
  • Bill_TogeBill_Toge Member, Professional Chemist
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    and in Europe, the only grades permitted for use in cosmetics/toiletries are pharmaceutical
    if they're fit for use in medicines, they'll not be carcinogenic
    UK based formulation chemist. Strongest subjects: hair styling, hair bleaches, hair dyes (oxidative and non-oxidative) I know some stuff about: EU regulations, emulsions (O/W and W/O), toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoos, other toiletries
  • GuntherGunther Member
    Just see how many workers in oil wells and platforms have gotten soaking wet, totally covered with unrefined oil from head to toe
    and none of them seems to get cancer.

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    thanks @Perry @ngarayeva001 @Bill_Toge @Gunther for your intersting answers.
  • FekherFekher Member
    hi again friends i want to know if does paraffin oil and Vasline means that they are high refined product cause from research i found that paraffin oil means high refined mineral oil and that vasline means high refined petrolatum . Thanks in advance .
  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    Any of these ingredients supplied by cosmetic ingredient suppliers and used to make products by large companies are refined and safe to use.
  • smoksmok Member
    is reading some article on th internet you call it researchement ??
  • FekherFekher Member
    Thanks a lot @Perry  actually i use ingredients supplied by cosmetic ingredient suppliers ☺. 
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