best way to learn formulating?


although I carry some experience, whats the best way to learn other than through experience? 

anyone recommend any courses or books?

Thanks in advance 


  • My personal recommendation is looking at the INCI list of products you like and understanding what each ingredient is used for and why it is included in the product. You can then read and learn more about these different ingredients through sites like INCI Decoder and UL Prospector.
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    @MaisR agree 100% I started from reverse engineering existing products and that helped me to learn what ingredients do and how to work with them. 
  • I think it is important to gain confidence, so don't start out by formulating sulfate-free two-in-one shampoos. Start with simple scrubs, gels, and creams. I believe it is incredibly important to 'play' with the materials to get a sense of how they work, what they can / cannot bring to a product, and if they cause problems with other ingredients. At the same time I think a basic understanding of general chemistry is important: acids, bases, pH, salts, solutions, emulsions, stoichiometry. 
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