Formulation of natural fruit powder for vitamin drinks

We are trying to create a natural fruit vitamin drink in powder form with can used to be enchanced water 
 we are combining spray dried fruit powder like lemon and oranges with a abrobic  acid Malic Acid Citrix acid sucrolose gum Arabia and natural colour 
the question I have is the flavours are not very strong and the main issue is the smell of the powder with is also very chemical like! 
I tried to add Essence but it’s in liquid form so that’s an issue, how do I solve this? Thanks 


  • And what type of cosmetic is this?
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  • Belassi said:
    And what type of cosmetic is this?
    :) :)
  • Check with Givaudan, IFF, Firmenich and other biggies if they have flavors in encapsulated powder form in your region.
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