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We are going to expand our skin care line with a complimentary make-up line. We have been in touch with packaging suppliers in China through Alibaba, but we are not able to find any manufacturs who can do small quantity (low MOQ). We were thinking about ordering 500-1000 of each.

Anybody recommend any suppliers that are able to do packaging manufacturing in small amount?


  • @ELDEskin, you may want to look something here:
    You may deal with this Italian company and regularly they agree to sell small quantities.

  • Thanks, but I don't think this fit what we are looking for.

    We are going to make a mascara, lipgloss, cream blush/highlighter/sculpting cream, foundation, lipstick.
  • Eurovetrocap offers the packaging for mascara, etc Probably they don't put everything at their website. We have ordered their catalog.
  • BobzchemistBobzchemist Member, PCF student
    Are you looking for packaging or packaging and filling?

    For packaging, try Qosmedix

    Since your quantities are so low, you should also check with the DIY cosmetic sites, a number of which also distribute packaging.

    Personally, with runs that small, and a product list that varied, I think you'd be much, much better off looking at private label, rather than making, filling, labeling and testing the products yourself. The testing costs and labor costs alone will eat up all your profit and then some. (Not to mention the increased costs for inventory and equipment, etc.). 

    Most private label formulations are pretty basic, so duplicating them when/if you want to bring manufacturing in-house isn't usually a major project.
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  • Check out AliExpress - they do small volumes
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