Syndet bar hardening issue

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What’s the best way to harden syndet bar?

Formula A
sci 30%
slsa 28%
capb 10%
decyl 5%
btms 3%
cetyl 5%
stearic 7%
Emulsifying wax nf 7%
panthenol 1%
Aloe extract 1%
fragrance 1%
essential oil 1.5%
preservative .5%

Result: bar hardens but softens after two to three uses and good foam

Formula B
leaving out decyl
Higher sci & slsa
No btms
higher cetyl & stearic

result: hard bar, not so good foam but lathers well enough

Your insights are highly appreciated, thank you!


  • sci 30% - ok
    slsa 28%  - 35%
    capb 10% - 22%
    decyl 5% - you don't need it
    btms 3% - ok
    cetyl 5% - you don't need it
    stearic - it makes shampoo draggy. you don't need it
    Emulsifying wax nf 7% - You don't need it
    panthenol 1% - ok  
    Aloe extract 1% -ok
    fragrance 1% - ok
    essential oil 1.5% - too much
    preservative .5% - are you sure it's enough? what preservative?

    - Sodium lactate 3% (must add, it makes bar harder)
    - Poliquat 10 - 2% (good to have but optional)

    Try to have 70% of dry ingredients (approx)

  • How can the cationic BTMS be compatible with the anionic surfactants??
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  • @Belassi, this is a beauty of syndet bars - they are very "forgiving". You can combine cationics and anionics together and it works. The main issue is how to make them harden. Sodium Lactate is the deal breaker. 
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    Moreover, the formula above minus decyl glucoside will have pH below 7. Fantastic product!
  • @ngarayeva001 thank you for your insight. 
    I used to put sodium lactate as instructed from the ebook I purchased from Susan of @SwiftCraftyMonkey but it don’t harden. At all. 😪
  • Swiftcaftymonkey's formulas (when done exactly as instructed) always work for me. My problems start when I start playing with surfactants :) Are you using exactly the same formula as she provides in the ezine?
  • I remember reading a post on SwiftCraftyMonkeys blog talking about the 100x aloe extract (powder) causing shampoo bars to soften. Maybe it’s the type of aloe extract you are using? 
  • @Colorfuljulie thank you. I thought so too. It must be the culprit, though I’m using Aloe vera gel extract 1x not the powder. 
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